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Dear Parishioners, The world is in shock, and in tension. There is uncertainty about our future. No one can predict how the future will hold. There are many speculations around us. Amidst all these, let us keep our TRUST in Jesus. I like to draw your attentions on a few pastoral matters. Our Church is temporarily closed: it is disappointing to know that our church, and all our churches are closed. This new directive is from our Government and Archbishop. No one is allowed to enter for private prayer. I offer my private Mass in my office room. I pray for all and we are all united only in our prayer life. Useful websites: Please keep up your personal prayer life, watch Mass on TV and other websites. Here are a few:

Celebration of Mass is not the only liturgy: “People can read the Word of God with members of their family or those they live with. Or they can pray the Liturgy of the Hours, either alone or with others,” says Fr Drouin. “You don’t have to be a monk or nun to do that! The psalms that make up the Liturgy of the Hours provide an incredible relief these days,” he adds. Unfortunately, most Catholics do believe that the Liturgy of the Hours (which is properly called the Divine Office and often referred to as the Breviary) is exclusively for the clergy and religious. That’s because monks and nuns are obliged by canon law to pray “the hours” each day. But, in fact, this is the prayer of the entire Church. And it is properly liturgical prayer. While praying in an assembly or community is the ideal way of celebrating the Liturgy of the Hours, diocesan priests (especially) have for centuries mostly prayed the Breviary alone. And there is no reason why any Catholic can’t do so as well, as Fr Drouin suggests.

The public prayer of the Church: Sacrosanctum Concilium says that, outside of Mass, it is “especially (through) the celebration of the Divine Office” that the Church “is ceaselessly engaged in praising the Lord and interceding for the salvation of the entire world” (SC 99). Furthermore, it says that, “as the public prayer of the Church”, it is “a source of piety and nourishment for personal prayer” (SC 90). “The laity, too, are encouraged to recite the Divine Office, either with priests, or among themselves, or even individually” (SC 100). National episcopal conferences and individual bishops in many places have dispensed Catholics from their obligation to attend Mass on Sunday and other “days of obligation”, while offering prayer resources to help them keep holy these liturgical feasts. Besides the legalistic nature of this approach, it is also lacking in imagination. How many bishops have encouraged their people to pray the Liturgy of Hours – now or ever? How many priests have introduced the Liturgy of the Hours in their parishes?

An acquired taste that satisfies: In a Church where, for most people, liturgy is not really liturgy unless they receive the Eucharist, this would require patience, creativity and painstaking catechesis. Praying and meditating on the Word of God in the Liturgy of the Hours is a great gift to the People of God, but most of them have never been introduced to it, let alone helped to savour it. It is, indeed, an acquired taste. But one that begins to satisfy. The beauty of it is that it can also be done without an ordained priest, though some priests and seminarians, at least in Rome, carry around the Breviary and act as if only they can validly pray it. Even in its communal form a layperson can lead the Liturgy of the Hours. And when people begin to find fulfilment in praying the Hours in a community, they begin to feel the desire to do so privately and individually when they are separated from the community.

Feasting liturgically on the Word: Just imagine how beneficial it would be right now during this forced Eucharistic fast if the Liturgy of the Hours were already a main staple of every Catholic’s liturgical life and a “nourishment for personal prayer”. It is a shame that the coronavirus pandemic has caught our Church so unprepared. The Eucharistic fast would not mean liturgical famine. Catholics would be confident in knowing that, even with their priests absent, they were still feasting liturgically on the Word of God. And then the Catholic people would not be so bewildered and disoriented by the temporary suspension of public celebrations of the Mass. As for the men who stand at the altar… that’s another question.

Mass Intentions

Palm Sunday, 5 April
Saturday Mass Intention for Joao & Quiteria Gomes (RIP)
Sunday Mass Intention for Andrew De Sousa (RIP)
Maria & Manuel Garces (RIP)

Monday 6 April
NO 7 – 9pm Holy Trinity Prayer Group

Tuesday 7 April
Mass Intention for Peter Tang Siew, Ting, Peter Chew, James Chew & Michael Chew (RIP)

Wednesday 8 April
Mass Intention for John Randall (RIP)
NO Morning Tea after Mass
NO 10.30am Legion of Mary
NO 7 – 8pm Eucharistic Adoration

Thursday 9 April … The Lord’s Supper
NO 8.15am Mass at Seton Catholic College
Mass Intention for Parishioners Intentions

Friday 10 April … The Passion of the Lord
NO 9.30-10am Stations of the Cross
NO 10-11am Eucharistic Adoration
Good Friday Service

Saturday 11 April … Holy Saturday
NO Mass Intention for Healing of Coronavirus Victims

Easter Sunday, 12 April
Saturday Mass Intention for Mary Kin (Blessing & 2 Special Intentions)
Sunday Mass Intention for Maria De Sousa (90th Birthday Intentions)
Andrew De Sousa (RIP)

Fr Paul offers Masses privately in his office room. He prays for all and we are all united in our prayer life.


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