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If you are a new parishioner, please introduce yourself to Fr Paul. We would like to know a bit about you and with your permission put information in the bulletin. You can also fill in a Parishioner Registration Form and join in the Parish Planned Giving Program.


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STEWARDSHIP: Theology of Stewardship – Giving Thanks in the Good Times … He becomes so much a part of the action that it is no longer his ancestors whom God was saving with his mighty outstretched arm, but the Hebrew farmer as well. It is that story which shapes his images and his basic orientation toward life.

SUPPORT OUR CHURCH REPAIR WORKS: Parishioners are encouraged to think about possible ways of supporting our Parish. If you come to our church regularly or occasionally, including volunteers and visitors, please fill in the New Parishioner Registration Form. Your presence is very important to our parish. 1. Consider joining in Planned Giving Programme. 2. If you are already in the program, please contribute regularly. 3. Donation of any amount is welcome to support our Church.

Dear Parishioners … COVID 19 is now in the Phase 4 Road to Recovery. Now the churches are allowed to be opened for private prayers, Eucharistic Adoration and Masses and sacraments except Confirmation with capacity limits determined by the 2 square meters per person rule. During the weekend there will be three Masses: Saturday 6pm, Sunday 7.30am and 9am. Parishioners are encouraged to take part in the weekend Masses. There will be no Livestream Mass at 10am. If you are unable to attend Mass, or if the church is filled with full capacity of people, you are dispensed from Sunday Obligation. You can view other Livestream Masses on TV or on YouTube. You don’t need to sign in your name and phone number per Government Directives. No Holy Water will be provided. Bulletins should not be reused. Parishioners must either take them home or dispose of them. Hymnals or shared copies of texts are not to be used. Sign of peace is to be given without physical contact. Offertory processions and gospel processions are to be omitted. No Precious Blood is allowed. Receiving Holy Communion on the tongue must be refrained which is out of concern for the health of others. No usual collections will be taken but there will be two baskets in the Church foyer for First and Second Collections. Please be generous with your contribution. Our parish needs your support. Thank you to those who have been dropping envelopes and for new members to our Planned Giving. We still encourage you to apply for Direct Debit Contributions…

BLESSED WATER: The Holy Water of Our Lady of Mt Carmel blessed during weekend Mass will be placed near Our Lady’s statue in confessional side. Parishioners are welcome to take one or two bottles of Holy Water. You are welcome to place a donation for the bottles in the candle donation.

CONDOLENCES and PRAYERS to MARJORIE SHERIDAN’s FAMILY: Marjorie’s Family wish to thank Parishioners for their prayers and support over the years. Due to the COVID-19 situation, you were not able to come to her Funeral Mass on Saturday 25-7-20 as our family has many members and they needed to participate. We are sure you understand the situation. Please continue to pray for our family members.

SUPPORT OLMC PRIMARY SCHOOL FUNDRAISING: Do you love pasta? Here is a chance to support our Primary school and buy uncooked and fresh pasta. To buy pasta, you are requested to fill in the details, pay by credit card and drop it in the school. Details are in the printed forms that are placed in the church foyer.

Livestream Mass

Mass Intentions

17th Sunday Ordinary, 26 July

Saturday 6pm Mass for De Sousa Family (Intentions)
Sunday 7.30am Mass for Andrew De Sousa (RIP)
Sunday 9am Mass for Karlo Mravlincic & Franjo Lazar (RIP)

Monday 27 July
7-9pm Holy Trinity Prayer Group + 7.30pm Mass

Tuesday 28 July
9am Mass for Holy Souls in Purgatory

Wednesday 29 July … St Martha
9am Mass for Emilio Jurica (RIP)
Morning Tea after Mass
10.30am Legion of Mary
6-7pm Eucharistic Adoration

Thursday 30 July … St Peter Chrysologus + World Day Against Trafficking in Humans
8.15am Mass at Seton Catholic College

Friday 31 July … St Ignatius of Loyola
9am Mass Emilio Jurica (RIP)
9.30-10.30am Eucharistic Adoration

Saturday 1 August … St Alphonsus Liguori
9am Mass for Sabrina’s Intentions
18th Sunday Ordinary, 2 August … Feast of God the Father of All Mankind
Saturday 6pm Mass for Jackson & Josephine (RIP Anniversaries July)
Sunday 7.30am Mass for Andrew De Sousa (RIP)
Sunday 9am Mass for Marta Correia Rodrigues, Manuel Gomes Rebelo, Emanuel Rodrigues Rebelo & Carlo Correia Rodrigues (RIP x 4)
11am Baptism of Aleirah Grimaldi


Parish Priest: Fr Paul Raj

Parish Secretary: Tereza Camacho

Safeguarding Officer: Brigette Liddelow – 0432 908 980

Avila Retirement Village Secretary: Judy Rowlands – 0448 205 283

Parish RE Coordinator: Franca Kalat – 0404 226 751

OLMC Primary School RE: Julie Kay

OLMC Primary School Principal: Kevin Duffy – 9337 7066

Seton Catholic College Website: http://www.seton.wa.edu.au/olmc-parish

Address: 82 Collick Street, Hilton, WA, 6163

Ph: (08) 9314 7733

Email: sec.hilton@perthcatholic.org.au

Web: http://www.olmchilton.org.au/



Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 9am – 3pm

Thursday: 9am – 12.30pm

“Our mission is to reach out the needy, to be inclusive of all cultural and ethnic people of all ages. Hospitality, Stewardship, Creative Liturgy with uplifting music is our special focus.”