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If you are a new parishioner, please introduce yourself to Fr Paul. We would like to know a bit about you and with your permission put information in the bulletin. You can also fill in a Parishioner Registration Form and join in the Parish Planned Giving Program.


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STEWARDSHIP: Theology of Stewardship – Giving Thanks in the Bad Times … “The apostles returned to Jesus and reported to him all that they had done and what they had taught. He said t them, ‘Come by yourselves to an out of the way place and rest a little.’

CARMEL OF THE HOLY TRINITY GIFT SHOP: The Carmelite Sisters have established an online shop to assist with maintenance works and to preserve their Chapel and Monastery buildings. Please visit their shop online at: www.holytrinitycarmel.com.au.

OLMC PIETY STALL: Open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings before and after 9am Masses. Please contact Marion on 0415 917 496 for more information.
5¢ & 10¢ COIN FUNDRAISING: Please support our 5¢ & 10¢ fundraising by taking a canister and filling with coins and returning to the parish office or church foyer. We hope to reach $180,000.00 dollars with fundraising to be able to commence building our Parish Centre.

2021 COLUMBAN CALENDARS: The Columban Art Calendar is an iconic Catholic Calendar, well-known for its traditional religious paintings and liturgical information and is a major fundraiser for Columban Missionaries. The calendars are selling in the church porch for $10.00 each.

COVID-19 PHASE 4 IS STILL IN PLACE: As you would be aware, the Western Australian Government has announced a further deferral to the commencement of Phase 5 of the WA COVID-19 roadmap. Based on the latest health advice, Phase 4 of the WA COVID-19 roadmap has been extended. The new date for Phase 5 is yet to be announced. Phase 5 would see remaining restrictions removed, except Western Australia’s hard border and access to remote Aboriginal communities. Fr Paul Raj.

REVISION OF ARCHDIOCESAN DIRECTIVES: On 24 June 2020, Archbishop Costelloe SDB issued directives for Churches and Chapel within the Archdiocese of Perth which reflected the introduction of Phase 4 of the Western Australian government’s COVID 19 roadmap. These directives are available on the Archdiocese of Perth’s website. In light of the Western Australian government’s extension of Phase 4, the Archdiocese is currently reviewing current health advice with the view to revising and reissuing the Archdiocesan guidelines as soon as is practicable. The Archdiocese has given permission to go ahead with Confirmation. Altar Servers and Acolytes are now free to hold the Liturgy Prayers for the Celebrants. Altar Servers welcome back to the Ministry. I thank you for your patience and understanding as the Archdiocese undertakes this process and the relevant due diligence required in the engagement of expert advice. In our Community: ✨Keep the social distancing. ✨Use sanitiser when entering the church. ✨Wash your hands often if necessary. ✨If you are unwell, stay home. ✨If you feel coughing, sneezing due to spring weather, it is ok to wear a mask. Support your church and priests. Thank you to all who have been supporting our Parish and priests financially. We need your continuous support to get back to normal financially. Please consider joining in our planned giving programme. Fr Paul Raj.

CHRISTMAS CARDS: We have Christmas Cards for sale at the back of the church. The price is $2.50 for 8 cards. This is a great way of staying in touch with family and friends, near and far.
SVDP HILTON: While we thanking you for your generosity we now are asking for your support to make up Christmas Hampers for the needy families of our Parish. We placed a box at the church foyer for Breakfast Food, Canned and Packaged Food and Christmas Goodies. WE also appreciate money donations which can be put in the poor box at the left-hand side as you are exiting the church. Once again Thank You for your generosity and wishing you all a Happy and Blessed Christmas. Kind regards, Charlie Jones.

CLEAN AND SANITISE THE PEWS: You can see the wipes in the church in many places. You are requested to clean, wipe and sanitise your pews / seats, before you leave the church. Your support to keep our church hygienic is much appreciated. Thanks heaps – Fr Paul.

OLD MAGAZINES: Parishioners, please do not bring and place at the back of the church old magazines, medals, booklets, leaflets, etc. It is against CODID-19. Also, after people use the bulletin, either take home or dispose in the bin. Thank you – Fr Paul.

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Livestream Mass

Mass Intentions

1st Sunday Advent, 29 November

Saturday 6pm Mass for Souls in Purgatory + Melissa Carosella (Intentions)
Sunday 7.30am Mass for Souls in Purgatory + Andrew De Sousa (RIP)
Sunday 9am Mass for Matilda Abreu (RIP) + John & Maria Maocheia (Intentions)

Monday 30 November … St Andrew
7-9pm Holy Trinity Prayer Group + Mass 7.30pm

Tuesday 1 December
9am Mass for Matilda Abreu (RIP) + Emilio Jurica (RIP)

Wednesday 2 December
9am Mass for John & Maria Maocheia (Intentions)
Morning Tea after Mass
10.30am Legion of Mary
6-7pm Eucharistic Adoration

Thursday 3 December … St Francis Xavier
8.15am Mass at Seton Catholic College

Friday 4 December … St John Damascene
9am Mass for John & Maria Maocheia (Intentions) +Emilio Jurica (RIP)
9.30-10.30am Eucharistic Adoration

Saturday 5 December
9am Mass for John & Maria Maocheia (Intentions)

2nd Sunday Advent, 6 December
Saturday 6pm Mass for John & Maria Maocheia (Intentions)
Sunday 7.30am Mass for John & Maria Maocheia (Intentions) + Andrew De Sousa (RIP)
Sunday 9am Mass for Joe De Sousa Family (Intentions)


Parish Priest: Fr Paul Raj

Parish Secretary: Tereza Camacho

Safeguarding Officer: Brigette Liddelow – 0432 908 980

Avila Retirement Village Secretary: Judy Rowlands – 0448 205 283

Parish RE Coordinator: Franca Kalat – 0404 226 751

OLMC Primary School RE: Julie Kay

OLMC Primary School Principal: Kevin Duffy – 9337 7066

Seton Catholic College Website: http://www.seton.wa.edu.au/olmc-parish

Address: 82 Collick Street, Hilton, WA, 6163

Ph: (08) 9314 7733

Email: sec.hilton@perthcatholic.org.au

Web: http://www.olmchilton.org.au/



Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 9am – 3pm

Thursday: 9am – 12.30pm

“Our mission is to reach out the needy, to be inclusive of all cultural and ethnic people of all ages. Hospitality, Stewardship, Creative Liturgy with uplifting music is our special focus.”